1-Year Prepaid GPU Hosting Service

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What is this?: By purchasing this, you are looking to host your GPU Mining Rig with NerdGearZ.com.

What rates am I paying?: For the 1-Year GPU plan, your electric rate will be $0.0925/kWh all-in.

How does this plan work?: The hosting contract will explain to you the terms and such but in short, you will make a one-time payment based on your rig configuration. We calculate the baseline cost of the cards based on their TDP.

Do I qualify?: Our only requirements are:

  • Your rigs must be on a linux distro (HiveOS/SMOS/EthOS)
  • Your rigs must be on riserless motherboards.
  • Your rigs must be put into server cases.
  • You must have full rigs that are not mixed cards (ex. AMD cards with Nvidia cards).
  • You must host a minimum of 2 rigs with us.

How should I proceed?: Please place an order of this product and include your e-mail or e-mail us at hosting@nerdgearz.com. We will then guide you through the steps that you need to do to get your GPU Rig hosted by us!

Notes: Any customer(s) that do not go through with their interest in getting their rigs hosted with us will receive a refund on their order.


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