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What is this?: By purchasing this, you are looking to host your GPU Mining Rig with

What rates am I paying?: For the Pay-As-You-Go GPU plan, your electric rate will be $0.1075/kWh all-in.

How does this plan work?: The hosting contract will explain to you the terms and such but in short, you will be paying us on a monthly basis based on what kind of graphics cards your machine uses. We calculate the baseline cost of the cards based on their TDP.

Do I qualify?: Our only requirements are:

  • Your rigs must be on a linux distro (HiveOS/SMOS/EthOS)
  • Your rigs must be on riserless motherboards.
  • Your rigs must be put into server cases.
  • You must have full rigs that are not mixed cards (ex. AMD cards with Nvidia cards).
  • You must host a minimum of 2 rigs with us.

How should I proceed?: Please place an order of this product and include your e-mail or e-mail us at We will then guide you through the steps that you need to do to get your GPU Rig hosted by us!

Notes: Any customer(s) that do not go through with their interest in getting their rigs hosted with us will receive a refund on their order.

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  • Hello I'm ready to purchase my rig but just seen this on panda so I came to check it out and I love it just a couple questions.. Do I have to buy rig from you guys? Was thinking of having you guys host it but just not sure Thank you


    You do not need to buy rigs from us to use our services. If you're trying to get your rig(s) hosted with us, we would happily do so! For any additional questions or concerns, you can either contact us on:


    Or email our hosting team at:

    Thank you! :)